Healthcare is undergoing massive changes-including breakthroughs in digital health, digitally-enabled estates, the rise of personalised care, and value-based care are transforming the industry. Tektology helps health care organisations take action now by building digital into the fabric of the organisation so they can compete and thrive over the long term.


We believe in and drive open platform agendas such as Open EHR, supporting services and patients to own their data and interact with any best-of-breed or start-up application or smart device at the edge of networks.


We work on the most complex challenges our clients face, shoulder to shoulder, using proven methodologies and insights to build the capabilities they need to survive and thrive. 


With proven partners in infrastructure and workforce delivery, we can provide end-to-end solutions where others leave reports – and with our international reach, we know and are often leading what is happening in healthcare across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 


Our Service pillars
Digital Strategy

Enabling digital-first models of care through - open data, cloud, advanced technology, digital strategies, innovation and growth, using our Digital Factory methodologies

Digital Health Strategy​, Digital Readiness Assessment​, Advanced Technology Strategy​, Data/ Open Data Strategy ,Cloud and edge​, Advanced Health Operations​, Growth and Markets

Digital First Infrastructure

We redefine the built estate with strategic, technology-driven thinking about the art of the possible ​using our Our digital-first health commissioning framework

Digital first buildings; Hospital and health infrastructure commissioning; ​Digital transformation program design​; 


Developing the digitally-ready workforce required to operate in the health ecosystem of tomorrow

Workforce strategy; Digitally ready Boards; Training and leadership development; ​Digital career model design;​ Skills supplementation, 

Our Consulting leaders

Phil Leonard

Managing Principal - UK
Phil has 25+ years working in healthcare across a range of its sub-sectors and in a variety of disciplines. Phil specialises in technology innovation, adoptions, implementation and change management.

John Hoddinott

Managing Principal - Australia
John has over twenty years’ experience helping public sector organisations deliver operational improvements, better outcomes for citizens and lower costs to the taxpayer. A former Equity Partner at EY before joining TEK-V, John has also worked at the UK National Audit Office, HM Treasury, IBM and PwC.