Tektology Consulting

What we do

A pre-cursor to Systems Theory and Holism – that systems are a coherent group of interdependent parts influenced by their environment, defined by their structure and purpose. To truly change a system, it needs to be considered as a whole and not as a collection of independent elements.

Our consulting services are aligned along four broad dimensions

Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • Digitally Ready Boards
  • Digitally Ready Executives
  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Health Strategy
  • ICT Strategy
  • AI Strategy
  • Data/ Open Data Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Market Entry
  • Growth Strategy
Digital Health Workforce
  • Digital Workforce
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Workforce Strategy
  • Digital Career Model Design
  • Multi-Speed Digital
  • Change Program Design
Advanced Health Operations
  • Operations Transformation Design and Roadmap
  • Operating Model Redesign – clinical and corporate
  • Digital Supply Chain redesign
  • Health Control Towers
Change & Program Management
  • Digital Transformation program design
  • Digital Health Business Cases
  • Hospital and Health Infrastructure Commissioning
  • Risk Management