We systemically design for our citizens focusing on how technology can unconstrain outdated models of health and care


Healthcare is facing unprecedented demand on it services and a time when supply of deployable resources are at their most constrained.  Addressing access and having a grip on performance and finance just must be achieved.  We understand this is just what needs to be done. 


However, we also believe that reimagining healthcare to build a consumer orientated, smart health care system combining new assets with the latest virtual care technology, AI-driven decision support and digital platforms to fundamentally re-engineer, is key to rebalancing supply and demand.  We use blueprinting, design authority methodology, improvement science and cost optimisation together.

  • Access and flow
  • Performance and finance
  • Quality and safety
  • Workforce analytics
  • Governance and reporting
  • Commercial strategy/execution
  • Clinical service planning
  • Organisation strategy
  • Op model re-design
  • Target operating models
  • Investment planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Case for Change
  • Options Appraisals
  • Healthcare blueprint
  • Design authority leadership
  • Execution engine
  • Drive innovation to drive performance
  • Ecosystem design

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