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A growth strategy allows organisations to expand, whether within their existing market or in a new location.  A robust approach, rooted in analysis and considering all options, is critical to ensuring a positive outcome from what can be a significant investment.


The focus of any business changes as it evolves through various phases. It is important to continually identify opportunities for growth to ensure the sustainability of the organisation.  Even if an organisation is satisfied with its current performance, a failure to look for new ways to develop risks allowing competitors to grow and obtain market share which could weaken your position.


In developing a growth strategy, organisations must first ensure their business is operating efficiently and is positioned for growth, by answering a number of key questions, that will also help to define the appropriate growth strategy.

Data has been the lifeblood of healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic further forced healthcare industry towards rapid digitization, from telehealth to remote patient monitoring to AI-enabled data support.


The industry has witnessed an unprecedented development in the area of healthcare technology. An IDC study has estimated a 48% year on year growth in the volume of health data created annually. Recent mandates by countries for HCPs to adopt electronic records will accelerate the trend and produce an enormous amount of data.


However, having this scale of data alone is not enough. As an organization we need to be aware of ‘What we have’, ‘What it means’, ‘What use it has’, and act accordingly to ensure our data strategy aligns with our vision of a future-proofed healthcare.

More of what we offer

Clinical Service Planning and Evaluation

Health needs assessment, health service planning, models of care evaluation and design, health system strategic planning

Digital Strategy and Implementation

Virtual care strategy, information and communication technology strategy/architecture, EHRs, patient platform and apps

Performance Improvement

Supply chain and financial improvement, cost planning, patient flow optimisation

Global Benchmarking

Tektology develops a high impact, learning opportunity for clinical and managerial leaders to explore the best examples from around the world and consider how and why new operating models, service options and digital technology can and has impacted facility planning and design, operational strategy and patient outcomes.

Innovation Strategy

Using our Digital Factory framework Tektology creates a Multi-functional space to expedite the safe use of digital technology at scale and pace informed by data within the organisation.

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