Reforming a health system through the establishment of Regional Health Areas


The Irish health system had recently completed a business case that found the establishment of regions to be fundamental to delivering their desired reform and address existing challenges. The establishment of Regional Health Areas (RHAs) is a key goal of Sláintecare and the reform of the Irish Health Service. RHAs are intended to aid the implementation of an integrated health and social care model that respects and understands local needs and demands. Tektology was commissioned to help design what the regional structure looked liked and provide a fit for the future health system that allows for integrated care delivery and equity of service. 


As part of our process the team created a series of illustrative scenarios designed to help stakeholders begin to ask and answer fundamental questions that had to be addressed to ensure a robust and fit-for-purpose design, with input and buy-in from across the health and social care system. Our process allowed us to ensure the programme is set up for the successful high-level design, detailed design and implementation; with stakeholders aligned on critical decisions and direction.  

Our team ran a series of engagement and workstream sessions to identify the target ambition for the system, in particular the desired role of the regional and national bodies. In addition our process identified a preferred service delivery model that considered the systems ambitions for integrated care. 


Our collaborative process with stakeholders across the the system led to us jointly define and design what a preferred model for how each region would be constructed and a vision for integrated care. 

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