Re-imagining ‘how and where’ employees work using digital tools


Tektology were commissioned by a Welsh Health Board that had the Opportunity to re-imagine ‘how and where’ employees work, making better use of estate and realise economic and efficiency savings. The Health Board had a Need to establish new agile working policies, identify the space required, and teams/services to be co-located. The Tektology and Archus team Co-developed a new approach to agile working with the Health Board to include digital solutions and smart office technology and intelligent design elements. Optimisation of corporate services with opportunities to maximise space use, co-locations and collaborative space. Release of space for clinical use or identification of surplus land and the formation of feasible options tested from a capital and revenue perspective. 


By thinking holistically about the tools and practice in the workplace Tektologys used its digital ways of working framework in conjunction with a short definition exercise to build a detailed understanding of the current digital workplace at the health board. The framework enabled us to identify a number of areas of opportunity that could be leveraged to support a better way of working.  

Our team took into consideration the Health Boards move to a more remote way of working due to COVID and looked for tools that would re-enabled the collaboration and communication that was lost, whilst also considering how governance practice should be amended in a new remote age. Our team leveraged our framework to build out a series of digital opportunities to be adopted across the health board to provide benefits a spectrum of benefits that were visualised in user journey maps. 


►Prepared the workplace and workforce for the future by exploring and embracing the art of the possible

►Provided options to optimise efficiency of the workforce and workspaces through enabling new technologies and ways of working

►The use  of digital to enhance the way space is being used and enable new ways of working and collaborating

►Understanding of new technologies and how that will affect the workforce and workspace.

►long-term understanding of how digital will change the way corporate staff will work and consequently, how the estate can be used

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