Innovation and Best Practice in Hospital Developments and Precincts


•Tektology were engaged to support a large health system in Australia who are undergoing the design phase of  a new metropolitan hospital. Tektology were tasked to provide an outstanding vision for the hospital by looking to global exemplars in innovation, hospital developments and precinct design. 


•Tektology used its global expert team to identify and engage with best practice examples from around the world to build rich and unique insights into our chosen case study sites.  Our team used our SMART hospital framework to drive a coherent structure to our research. The team used the evidence gathered to build out a series of themed insights that were used to drive a series of visioning workshops with the client.  


4Our team were able to distill our research into a coherent set of findings, structured around a consistent and comprehensive framework – that can be used going forward as the basis of the redevelopment program plan. Our client was left with a robust vision of evidence best practice design for their new hospital. 

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