How Tektology supports clients venture into new markets?


  • The approach leverages Tektology's tried and tested approach that has been successfully used to develop growth strategies and plans.
  • Review the current performance of the business and identify any areas that require remediation prior to considering expansion.
  • First look inwards – assess core activities, business efficiency and financial position; then look outwards – conduct market, competitor and customer analysis.
  • Review and redefine the goals of the business – consider the mission and vision of the organisation – review the strategic direction, objectives and goals.
  • Develop a business case to support the strategy and establish financial targets against which the planned future growth can be measured.

A growth strategy that:

  • Is underpinned by a purpose and vision, and a robust understanding of the current state
  • Helps build a resilient organisation that can adapt to changing conditions
  • Leverages the organisation’s competencies and culture
  • Positions the organisation for growth
  • Ensures a strong understanding of the opportunities that exist, as well as the challenges to entering new markets or expanding existing markets
  • Is developed in a collaborative way that embraces the various stakeholder perspectives