Global Benchmarking Study on Electronic Health Record Systems (E.H.R) 

The Situation:

Electronic Health Records are health records residing in an electronic system specifically designed for data collection, storage, and manipulation. They are regarded as a key step towards transformational health care.

In 4Q 2020, a global non-profit organisation commissioned a global healthcare technological development project to advise and support the implementation of transformational technological opportunities. The team identified electronic health record (E.H.R) systems as a foundational solution to resolving significant bottlenecks in country health sectors and achieving government ambitions for the sector. The client organisation was looking to support at least five partner governments over the 2022 with the design and/or implementation of national E.H.R systems. Besides, they also intend to help governments future-proof their E.H.R systems within healthcare.

The Solution:

Tektology supported its client with identifying leading practices in EHR model design and implementation of relevance to LMICs in Sub-Saharan African, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. As part of this project, we created four key artefacts for client to help them guide governments, Ministries of Health, ICT and other stakeholders in what needs to be in place to establish and oversee successful EHR implementations.  We took them through a journey of international case studies and research to identify key learnings from successful E.H.R implementations worldwide. These could potentially be leveraged by LMICs to examine key drivers, barriers, and opportunities in the market. Further we also laid out a pathway for countries seeking to invest in introducing EHRs or NHIIs as part of health system modernization. All of these were further condensed into a client conversation deck to be used by client’s country team leads to discuss and plan way forward. The collaterals are intended to assist the client in their conversations with decision makers in government, funders, partners, and those working in the health sector. Intended to be flexible, the deliverables can be used at any stage of a nation’s digital health maturity.

The Outcome:

Tektology created E.H.R implementation collaterals for the client which will support their conversations with decision-makers in LMICs considering introducing an EHR or NHII. It includes key considerations; lessons learnt from the experiences of other countries and outlines a non-linear roadmap for EHR implementation.

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