Diveplane’s platform will enable Tektology’s solutions to use synthetic data to resolve real-world challenges in the healthcare industry

Raleigh, NC, – April 21, 2021 – Diveplane, the company keeping humanity in artificial intelligence (AI), and the UK based Healthcare consultancy Tektology, announced today that they have entered into a new partnership. Through this alliance, Tektology will leverage the Diveplane AI based GEMINAI™ technology for patient-focused global projects.

Diveplane provides world-class synthetic data and tools for AI and intelligence-powered business solutions. GEMINAI, Diveplane’s flagship product, uses patented techniques to create synthetic data sets featuring entirely new data points from existing data. These new data sets maintain the statistical properties of the original without revealing any personally identifiable information, and allow the data to be shared widely while protecting personal information and without infringing on privacy regulations. The Diveplane platform will give Tektology a new opportunity to train and develop AI while preserving privacy, and will equip the company to generate synthetic populations from real data to enable healthcare and scenario planning. As a result, Tektology’s solutions will be more adept, more agile and will employ a more advanced approach to training and maintaining AI for clinical and non-clinical use.

“The Tektology team has a wealth of healthcare experience and numerous thought leaders in digital healthcare, so a partnership with Diveplane is a natural fit ” said Alan Cross, Chief Commercial Officer at Diveplane. “Exploration into the use of synthetic data to produce realistic patient population data can revolutionize the way medical data is analyzed and shared, and we’re thrilled to be working with the Tektology team to make this a universal reality with our software.”

There is a pressing need to model and build innovative data sets which can help solve intractable problems in healthcare data, but patient privacy rightly restricts companies from using real data for many of these purposes. Synthetic data allows these insights to be captured without any impact on human privacy. This partnership positions Tektology to achieve the analysis and insights required to develop life-changing digital solutions for the future of the healthcare industry.

“Diveplane are visionaries in how AI should be used ethically to ensure complete data privacy, and they are fast becoming an established and respected player in the field of synthetic data, creating solutions to address real world challenges,” said David Roberts, Non Executive Chair at Tektology. “Their GEMINAI™ software will create significant opportunities to enhance our work with global healthcare organizations by supporting better access to patient data without impacting individual privacy. We look forward to bringing together our expertise to really use the power of data to put the patient first”.

To inquire learn more about Diveplane’s GEMINAI solution, please visit: https://diveplane.com/geminai/

About Diveplane

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Michael Capps and Dr. Chris Hazard, Diveplane keeps the humanity in artificial intelligence. The company develops technology that helps businesses and government organizations better understand and leverage the power of their data through AI tools that are trainable, interpretable and auditable. Diveplane is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information on Diveplane, please visit www.diveplane.com or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Tektology

Founded in Jun 2020, by Rachel Dunscombe and David Roberts, Tektology aims to align the physical, social and technological elements of health and wellness to deliver exceptional human experiences. The company is based in London, Sydney, and Dubai. Catch up with Tektology on Linkedin and Twitter.