Capital Replenishment Strategy case for change


Tektology were engaged by one of 5 Health Networks in the state Healthcare System in Australia.  The state cares for a population of just under 2m people and has a wide variation of health outcomes and social demographic factors spread across large urban, remote and very remote areas.  The Client has 20 sites across the network with some sites no longer being fit for purpose, coupled with increasing costs and a significant ageing population that was forecast to exceed 40% of the state budget by 2050. Our modelling also identified a number of key trends and implications ranging from growth in health expenditure leading to a significant displacement of government services and care delivery in lower cost and higher value settings. Treasury were not minded to fund major upgrades without a fundamental rethink of their care delivery model, to embrace digital first and to consolidate around integrated care delivery models fit for the 21st century. ​


Tektology, in partnership with EY, led a collaborative process to build the case for change that pivoted from a capital replenishment strategy to a dramatically service lead approach.  This resulted in a new vision for how a multi-site, multi-Care network solution could and should work. This involved engagement with clinical and business leaders in a fundamental rethinking of the purpose  and nature of the health network. 


•Establishing an open data platform;  becoming a Smart Health partner  with consumers​

•Establishing virtual care services to  reduce hospitalisations and increase  access to specialist care​

•Transforming with digital  technology to improve the patient  experience and processes for staff,  integrating with the virtual care  network​


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