Winter is a challenging time for healthcare providers around the world. Each year, the cold weather brings with it a decline in

The provision of quality healthcare systems is a global priority, however increasingly, there is an additional imperative to ensure that healthcare is

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is increasingly shaping the world around us. We now live in a digital age in which AI, far

During the past thirty years, there has been an exponential increase in the use of EHRs (electronic health records) to record, share,

Health data research is an exciting field. Thanks to developments in technology, an increase in wearable devices, and fundamental changes in consumer

The situation •A large health system in Australia was experiencing poor Emergency Access performance at two of its main metropolitan hospital sites.

Situation:  •Tektology were engaged to support a large health system in Australia who are undergoing the design phase of  a new metropolitan hospital.