Assessing the options for a Shared Care Record


Our client is an ICS in the UK and a key participant in the East Accord Local Health and Care Record program, but each participant was at a different stage in their evolution of local shared care records.  Tektology was commissioned to support the ICS in assessing the options for its Shared Care Record and building a specification to go to tender. 


Tektology undertook a short study to assess the options open to the system with respect to its Shared Care Record.  This options assessment was developed from both the stated requirements of the HSLI funding, known areas of risk for digital technology solutions (e.g. development lead times, procurement and legal requirements, finance and sustainability), and inputs from 21 stakeholders. Several options were identified.   ​

Tektology conducted a series of further interviews with potential Solution Providers in order to better understand the requirements at an organisation level for a Shared Care Record. A specification document was created based on a series of requirement dimensions highlighted from 22 stakeholder interviews across the ICS. The mandatory minimum requirements set out in detail by NHSX for technical capabilities were included in the specification.  


Solution Providers were invited to respond to the specification as a formal Request for Information. ​The Solution Providers’ responses to the specification as well as live demonstrations with 30 stakeholders were assessed and put into an evaluation framework in order to support the decision making process and agree on a recommendation from the group CIOs to the Digital Board.​ Following our engagement, the client was able to continue on with the preferred provider and procure a shared care record. 

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