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The provision of quality healthcare systems is a global priority, however increasingly, there is an additional imperative to ensure that healthcare is …

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is increasingly shaping the world around us. We now live in a digital age in which AI, far …

During the past thirty years, there has been an exponential increase in the use of EHRs (electronic health records) to record, share, …

Health data research is an exciting field. Thanks to developments in technology, an increase in wearable devices, and fundamental changes in consumer …

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The situation •A large health system in Australia was experiencing poor Emergency Access performance at two of its main metropolitan hospital sites. …

Situation:  •Tektology were engaged to support a large health system in Australia who are undergoing the design phase of  a new metropolitan hospital. …

SITUATION:  •Our client established their Expansion Plan to deliver a broad range of interrelated and interdependent strategies to improve the capacity and …

SITUATION: ​ Tektology were engaged by one of 5 Health Networks in the state Healthcare System in Australia.  The state cares for a population of …

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Digital Strategy

Enabling digital-first models of care through - open data, cloud, advanced technology, digital strategies, innovation and growth, using our Digital Factory methodologies​ Digital Health Strategy​, Digital Readiness Assessment​, Advanced Technology Strategy​, Data/ Open Data Strategy ,Cloud and edge​, Advanced Health Operations​

Digital First Infrastructure

We redefine the built estate with strategic, technology-driven thinking about the art of the possible ​using our Our digital-first health commissioning framework Digital first buildings; Hospital and health infrastructure commissioning; ​Digital transformation program design​; 


Developing the digitally-ready workforce required to operate in the health ecosystem of tomorrow​ Workforce strategy; Digitally ready Boards; Training and leadership development; ​Digital career model design;​ Skills supplementation, 

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